ABC Developing a Single Camera Comedy Pilot Written Jen Kirkman and Dan Bucatinsky

(via Deadline)

Jen Kirkman co-writing an “…untitled comedy revolves around four women friends rattled by a fortysomething feeling of irrelevance who embark on a mission to turn their invisibility into invincibility.” is all good by us.

ABC’s comedy development slate for this pilot season just got a whole lot more interesting with the addition of this project following women like Kirkman making their way through the world on their terms despite all the societal forces working against them. Familiarize yourself with Jen’s stand-up, books, and podcast  if you’re not already familiar.

Jen is writing it with Dan Bucatinsky who you’ve probably seen work on- and behind-the-scenes of the comeback of The Comeback.

It has a put pilot commitment, so let’s cross our fingers even more that it tips the scales of being picked up to series.