Jeff Ross’ Latest Roast Jokes Will Be Going in The Film “The Comedian” Starring Robert De Niro and Jennifer Aniston

(via Deadline)

We don’t know when the next Comedy Central roast is, so look forward to your next batch of burns from the Roastmaster General in this film.

The Comedian will follow Robert De Niro as a Don Rickles-seque comedian that becomes close with a woman played by Jennifer Aniston. There will be enough sections of actual roasting/stand-up, that the producers have brought on none other than Jeff Ross (which makes us wonder why the lead role isn’t described as a Jeff Ross type of comedian) to write jokes for De Niro to tell.

Not that anyone calls into question the authenticity of roast jokes in a narrative fiction film, but there definitely should be no doubt in this case. Also, they should be pretty damn good jokes.