JASH’s “Rubberhead”, Hosted by Sarah Silverman, Now Available on Vimeo

There have been a number of iterations of a JASH variety show now known as Rubberhead over the last year including the period of time it was a show for XBox.

After jumping through, in, and out of hoops, JASH’s Rubberhead with Sarah Silverman as the host is now available to watch for $5 over at Vimeo.

There is a trailer that would you give sort of an idea of what’s going on in the show (appearances from Todd Glass, Natasha Leggero, Nathan Fielder, Shelby Fero, and way more for starters), but there’s also a very NSFW (and we really stress that this time) sketch “Cops Cum Dicks and Flying” starring Silverman and Seth Rogen that gives you an even better idea of how crazy and funny Rubberhead is.