Jamie Loftus and JASH Will Be Livestreaming a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-1980s-Political Thriller/Ballet Performance “Swan Lake Live!” From a Locked Basement


If you love absurdist, experimental comedy, please commit the name Jamie Loftus to memory (we’ve suggested doing this on a number of occasions as we find Jamie to be hysterical).

You can see why we love Jamie with her latest endeavor that mixes ballet, conspiracy theory, President Ronald Reagan, and choose your own adventure all into one event that will be livestreamed.

We’ll actually let Jamie further explain “Swan Lake Live! (from a Locked Basement)”:

The premise of the show goes: it is March 30, 1981, the day of Reagan’s assassination attempt, and I play a ballerina/government spy named um Jamie Loftus which is my name and my associate Gary and I come to in a locked basement that is slowly filling with gas from a stove full of ham upstairs. Suspecting that our employer, the president, may be in danger, we are tasked with escaping the basement and saving Ronald Reagan (who is a shitty president but we don’t know that yet it’s only 1981 keep up) while still performing Swan Lake in its entirety.

WHY WE NEED YOU: Because this is a livestream, I’m introducing several choose-your-own-adventure style choices in the show, including whether I should do a complicated ballet dance in a Ronald Reagan mask or whether I should buttchug a bottle of milk after punching through a pinata I made of Jodie Foster’s head.

THERE WILL BE: five dances to Swan Lake, five choices for the audience, three original cartoons from me Jamie, two miserable ballerina ingenues trapped in a basement that is slowly filling with gas, two costume changes I have to do live on camera and only one chance to see it live.

Also, my boyfriend is a young man named John Hinckley Junior, a man who you may not have heard of as of March 30, 1981 but who I think has the potential to really make something of himself.

Pretty great, right? 

You can get more details about Swan Lake Live! (From a Locked Basement) here and livestream it on JASH tomorrow at 12PM PST-3PMPST.