Here’s a Trailer for the Latest Quarantine Comedy “Together” with Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy

The shared experience of over 7.5 billion people through the COVID-19 global pandemic is both one that’s traumatic and that hasn’t even reached its end yet. Understandably, there might be an inclination to not have a perspective of what this historic time is like mirrored back at us as the world has so much healing to do (on top of getting vaccinated against COVID-19).

Still, the “shared” part of that experience is undeniable territory for comedy as it’s probably the most relatable thing in any of our lifetimes, which is why we’re all only seeing the beginning of the comedic lens processing through some sort of collective experience of the last year and a half.

Cue in Together from the renowned Stephen Daldry that follows a family, lead by both Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy, that go into lockdown as COVID-19 ravages through the UK and hashing out their already on-the-rocks marriage. Thankfully, this wasn’t shot on Zoom or had to employ some clever shooting strategy to maintain distance from actors (or even be just a collection of monologues delivered straight to camera). Instead, James and Sharon are up in each other business and, it would seem, there’s a new level of sit-com style “talking head” here that doesn’t even bother cutting to a separate interview. Both James and Sharon just look to camera to express their non-diegetic thoughts in the middle of a scene as opposed to what The Office or Modern Family did for so long.

In any case, there’s some enticing promise here as it’s hard to go wrong with Sharon Horgan cursing up a storm.

Get your first look at Daldry’s Together with the official trailer here, then look for it in theaters starting Aug. 27th.