James Fritz’s New Album “Still Together” Is the Feel Good Fire That You Might Need Right Now


Rising from that Bill Hicks-ian, firebrand, deeply personal side of comedy, James Fritz has been a welcome thrill to have in LA’s gigantic comedy scene. 

Fritz’s comedic voice and persona are refreshing, though more fire than just a breath of air. He personally juggles growing up in rural Kentucky with his more forward thinking ideology along with his own wonderfully bleak self-deprecation. That makes for a wildly colorful, strangely hopeful* style of comedy that you might want to hear right now at this moment in time (or probably for the next several years).

All of that is captured in his new, spectacular album, Still Together. Even as James takes the stage and begins, you can enjoy his playful rage right from the get go. You can get Still Together now off of AST Records here

*the liner notes do mention how this was recorded at a time between the RNC and the DNC for this year’s election (i.e. objectively brighter days)