Only a Few Shows In, James Corden Took “The Late Late Show” To a Stranger’s House

We’ve been saying it and we’ll keep saying it: if James Corden is willing to take these fun risks and roll with whatever happens, then The Late Late Show is headed in the right direction.

Most late night talk shows so rarely leave the comfort of their studio for an entire episode that press releases are sent out months in advance when it happens. 

As part of breaking new ground and breaking into the late night club, Corden is continuing to shake things up as he just taped an entire episode, monologue guests, bits, musical performance, and all at a strangers’ house

So many genuine moments were had without the veil of soundstage and the sound of a studio audience and we’re pretty sure James made one of the residents’ day when they got to meet their hero Beck.

Hide and Go Seek got amped up because it’s a talk show, again, at a random house as well as guests Beck and Jeff Goldblum playing along.

A classic talk show staple of having animals and an animal trainer also gets taken to a whole new level as most of the animals make the inhabitants a little uneasy.

By the end of the night, there were no strangers and James most certainly got closer to meeting the people of America up close. If you want to watch the episode in its entirety, do so here.

We can only cross our fingers that Corden and company keep this sort of thing going on The Late Late Show.