James Adomian Voices Elon Musk  in an Entire Parody Audiobook About Elon Musk’s Vision of the Future Perfectly Titled “Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine” by Scott Dikkers

The age old maxim “You can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs,” seems to be taken to another level by technological entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk. With failed launches of rockets, selling pre-orders for flamethrowers seemingly out of nowhere, and launching, of all things, one of his own cars into space, it would seem that there are a lot to questions to ask of someone who many see as a savior of the future. 

This is where the brilliant politically satire from Scott Dikkers, one of the founders of The Onion, and James Adomian comes in. Adomian in a spot on impression of Musk guides us through an entire audiobook Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine that sends up what Musk’s vision of the future and what it really might end up being. Here’s a delightful taste of it.

Don’t be surprised to see if this ends up being Adomian’s next character he goes around the country playing (he already did it at SXSW earlier this year).

If you’re into it, you can get Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine by Not Elon Musk off of Amazon here: amzn.to/2PHtl5b.