Pick of the Day: Jamel Johnson & Megan Gailey (in LA) 9/10

Both Jamel Johnson and Megan Gailey have been, time and time again, an uncompromising delight to watch the numerous times that we’ve seen them go up, both in and around LA and on Conan. Essentially, you will be charmed by them and they will hysterically not let up until that happens (in the best way possible, of course).

So, it’ll be quite a night at Dynasty Typewriter next month when Jamel and Megan co-headline. Sure, we’ve seen them on plenty of line-ups together, but never just as the main attractions as they will be on Fri. Sept. 10th at 8PM PT.

Do not miss this special co-headlining night at Dynasty Typewriter. Tickets are $20 right now and $25 on the day of. Best go get them ASAP right here.