Pick of the Day: The Jackie and Laurie Show LIVE (in NYC) 1/16

At this point, The Jackie & Laurie Show is a comedy institution for how insight it gives into every facet of comedy throughout the decades and the present through the lens of two of best comedians working today, Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin. Also, their friendship through the pod is one of the most dynamic and entertaining we’ve listened to (no matter how chippy it might get).

So, any live edition of the pod that always features Jackie, Laurie, and some splendid handpicked comedians is a must see and NYC is going to get a round of Jackie & Laurie at the top of 2022. That’s right, come Sun. Jan. 16th at 7:30PM ET, Kashian and Kilmartin will take to Brooklyn’s hallowed comedy stage, The Bell House.

That might seem like a ways away, but don’t waste time in getting tickets now, which also would make for a great holiday gift. They’re going for $20 right and you can (and very, very much should) go get them here.