Pick of the Day: Jackie and Laurie Present

Hands down, one of our all time favorite podcasts is The Jackie and Laurie Show with the amazing, brilliant, hysterical pairing of Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin. Their weekly perspective as some of the funniest comedians working today (that happen to be older women) is a true joy and illuminating on how far we’ve come with representation in comedy and how much further we need to go.

This evening is a special showcase that not only feature Kashian and Kilmartin, but a collection of their “Comics of the Week”, a handpicked line-up of their favorite female comics that you need to see, which will include Marcella Arguello, Hannah Einbinder, Robin Tran, Kimberly Clark, Bernie Pauley, Amy Anderson.

So, you’ll get a bit of Jackie and Laurie and an amazing stand-up show all in one night. Tickets for Jackie and Laurie Present are $20 (+2 item min.). Please go get them here.