Issa Rae’s ColorCreative Now Is Managing Creators

(via Deadline)

If you haven’t been aware, Issa Rae is building quite the entertainment empire and it’s not just for herself. There is her series Insecure, which has finished another captivating fourth season and is gearing up for its fifth, and Rae’s burgeoning movie career (and even a new gig as a NBA spokesperson).

Rae also has her own “audio everywhere” company, Raedio, and her production banner ColorCreative. All of these corners of Rae’s empire are dedicated to highlighting underrepresented voices, specifically focusing on women and minority creators.

She will now being furthering that mission with a division of ColorCreative dedicated to representing said underrepresented voices via management. Talitha Watkins from CAA has been tapped to head up this side of things at ColorCreative.

In the ongoing fight for racial equity, especially when it comes to representation of BIPOC in media and who exactly is in charge of those representations (they’re very often non-BIPOC), this is a big step towards towards actually realizing that goal rather than hinting at as Tinseltown has done for so long (i.e. tokenism with a great majority of their diversity initiatives).