Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs Will Have You Smiling Almost the Whole Way Through


Whether you’re a diehard Wes Anderson aficionado or not, it’s pretty hard to resist a rag tag crew of stop motion animation dogs and a determined young boy pilot trying to save all dog kind in the Isle of Dogs

As with all Wes Anderson movies, everything in Isle of Dogs is so unapologetically crafted to the auteur’s signature style and yet done in a way that we never found rote or overdone. Also, seeing a Wes Anderson movie set in Japan, done inclusively and respectfully with Japanese actors voicing Japanese characters and a respected Japanese talent Kunichi Nomura consulting on the look and feel of the movie, is pretty spectacular on its own.

From the opening on, we were smiling for nearly the entire run time and found ourselves indulging in a childlike giggle throughout. Sincerely, as a cynical adult living in the bizarre time in human history that we live in right now, we never thought that was possible again. 

So, go see Isle of Dogs wherever and whenever you can. Get tickets here.