Is It That Surprising That Jimmy Fallon Would Succeed Jay Leno and Seth Meyers Succeed Jimmy Fallon?

There has been plenty of gossip and rumors over the last few days regarding the transitioning of Jay Leno at The Tonight Show to move to NYC and handing the reins to Late Night host, Jimmy Fallon. Even though the deal hasn’t been officially made, there’s even more speculation with Seth Meyers possibly filling in for Fallon if he indeed goes to 11:30 or Fox wanting Leno

Again, this is still all based on high ranking NBC sources and not a done deal.

Having The Tonight Show move back to NYC might be a little surprising, but the rest of this seems pretty straightforward and pretty much in line with NBC’s current tone of late night comedy. If the worry is about the younger demographic (i.e. competing with Jimmy Kimmel), why aren’t they trying something a little different, tonally, like IFC or FX?