Check Out The New Web Video Kids on The Block “Internet Action Force”

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A whole brand spankin’ new web video site known as Internet Action Force has just launched this week. The likes of John DeVore from Conan, Lea PalmieriCarol Hartsell from HuffPoComedy, Nick Poppy from Comedy Central, and Sam Grittner have come together to bring a whole steady stream of great funny web videos.

Already, they’ve got a pretty good thing going with: 

A Disgruntled Brother Helping his Sister Do a DIY Craft Web Series
Cosby Sweater Support Group
American Try Looking in the Mirror for The First Time
Explaining Your Tweets
Ad for OkCupid Being Free When Tinder Is Going to Start Charging
Apathetic Nerd
Ad for Internet Address Availability Service

In those videos, you’ll see that Internet Action Force works with a lot of other funny folks including Team Submarine, Subhah Agarwal, Anna Drezen, Robert Dean, Sabrina Jalees, and more.

So, spend some time getting to know Internet Action Force as they seem pretty cool.