The International Songwriting Competition Is Accepting Submissions for “Comedy and Novelty” (Including Stand-up)


The International Songwriting Contest takes in thousands of entries every year in an attempt to highlight the songs of new talent. Within that field, they’re also looking for entries in “Comedy and Novelty”, which covers musical comedy, parody songs, stand-up, and recordings of comedy groups/troupes. 

There are cash and other prizes for top placing finalists throughout the ISC and all finalists are listened to by a special judge panel that includes the head of Comedy Central Records. Past winners have included two favorites of ours Rachel Bloom and Garfunkel and Oates.

You don’t have to worry about censoring content and there is no official running time/time limit for entries. All material must be original and all writers must be credited. Entries are being taken from now until Wednesday, September 19th at $30 per entry. 

If that all sounds good to you, get more details and enter here.