Inside Conan: An Important Hollywood Podcast Gives a Writers Perspective on Conan (as Well as Attempting to Find Out What Jordan Schlansky Really Does)


Team Coco has really picked up their game in 2019. Already, there’s a streamlined version of the show, Conan has started an already successful podcast with Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, and now, they’re launching another new podcast, Inside Conan: An Important Hollywood Podcast, helmed by veteran Conan writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell.

For those of you that want to nerd out about how the inner machinations of the show’s shenanigans really work, Sweeney and Gaskell not only give you gossip from backstage, but talk about sketches (which happen to be some of the best on TV), both aired and cut, as well as interview other Conan staffers about making the long running tomfoolery at Conan really work. 

Also, they will be conducting an ongoing investigation as to what the infamous Associate Producer Jordan Schlansky actually does at the show.

Pretty swell, huh? Sounds to us like you should subscribe and get on board early for this one. Do so here.