Here’s a List of Precautionary COVID-19 Questions We Will Keep in Mind in Consideration of In-Person Comedy Shows

Note: this appeared in our TCB Weekly Debriefing newsletter, which you can sign-up for here.

Outdoor comedy shows, drive-in comedy shows, etc. that are live and in-person have been and are happening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We figured that would happen.

You might have noticed that we’ve been hesitant to list such events as they have been taking place here in Los Angeles or elsewhere. There is a responsibility we feel the need to be mindful of in spreading the word about such events in light of COVID-19 still being as infectious as it ever was and the timeline for a full vaccine that will be available to everyone is still very uncertain.

We have been quietly checking out outdoor shows, drive-in shows, etc. that have happened over the last several weeks, even listing some as we think they’re both taking a great amount of precaution and are also putting on a great comedy show.

Again, more of these shows will be bound to happen and we’ll do our best to keep you in the know about the ones worth checking out that are extensively striving to not further the transmission of the virus.

Specifically (and we know that we are not epidemiologists, government officials, and we’re not trying to lay down guidelines here), we’ll be asking ourselves about the following details about current and future live shows/open mics when considering them for listing at TCB:

-Is it outdoors?
-How will people be socially distanced?
-Will there be signage for distancing/precautions?
-Are there measures for contract tracing?
-What are plans for entrances and exits, both for audiences and performers?
-Will there be temperature checks?
-What will the protocol be for face coverings/masks (especially if there’s food or drink available/being sold)?
-What will the protocol be for using mics/mic stands/etc. for performers?
-What is the “green room” situation for performers/staff?
-Will there be a COVID officer/point person checking in on social distancing and masks?
-What is the bathroom situation? How many will there be? How often will they be cleaned?
-Is there clear language about accountability in regards to something like getting infected with a virus?
-Are performers being compensated (especially if it’s a ticketed show)?

Whether you’re thinking about going to or putting on an in-person show/mic, we’d strongly urge you to think about these questions as well before making a decision to move forward and also keep in mind that the best way to not further the spread of the virus is to not irresponsibly gather in big groups.