Tonight, It’s All About Sitcoms Centered on Family Women as “I’m Sorry” Has Its Series Premiere and “Odd Mom Out” Has Its Season 3 Premiere

We’re sure that TruTV and Bravo did not plan months ago to have their respective series I’m Sorry and Odd Mom Out go head-to-head on basic cable on the same night at the same time slot, but that’s the way things turned out.

Honestly, you should try to catch both as Andrea Savage looks like she’s going to make a very solid and confident debut with a sitcom based on her life, I’m Sorry (see for yourself in this clip) and Odd Mom Out, as you can see here, has sneakily charmed its way to a third season on Bravo.

So, DVR, stream them somewhere later, or have two different TVs running both shows at the same at 10PM tonight on TruTV and Bravo