I think you wrote something recently in the Nerdist claiming the funniest really can’t be found. I think the website I built at humorq dotcom will prove otherwise. No this isn’t spam, the website is noncommercial, and if smart funny people get behind this and give it a little push, we will find the world’s funniest people.

The whole point of what we wrote was that humor is subjective. Of course, we have a sense of humor and picks of what’s funniest and serial killers have an extremely different sense of humor and, probably, a really disturbing idea of what they laugh at.

We’d like to think that the Comedy Bureau points out the funniest things that comes across its desks, but, of course, there are plenty of people, we’re sure, that probably think this site is pretentious/alt-y/stupid/dumb/not funny and it’s their right to think that. It would honestly be a waste of time trying to win over those bigoted illiterate people (at least in our own personal experience), so we just do the best we can by pointing out what makes us laugh uncontrollably.