I Think You Should Leave Season 2 Is Coming Less Than a Month From Now

Whether you think 2020 was ten years long or not, it has been way too long since one of the best sketch shows in recent memory, I Think You Should Leave, has been away. Sure, the season 1 sketches are timeless and, for our money, the nachos sketch will be something will be telling folks about for years, but we very much need unabashed absurdity from Tim Robinson and company that ties into insufferable characters needing to leave a given situation.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too much (depending on your sense of time these days) longer as it has just been announced that season 2 is premiering on July 6th on Netflix. Make sure you clear out your schedule and are recovered from whatever the hell you’re planning on doing on July 4th, so you can get ready for what, we believe, will be the most quoted sketches of 2021.