Here’s Your First Look at Vanessa Bayer’s Home Shopping Dramedy “I Love That For You”

For those missing Vanessa Bayer on SNL and seeing her various characters where the veneer of their reality is starting to crack, you won’t have to reminisce about seeing her back on screen in the same spirit once again.

I Love That For You centers on Bayer as an aspiring, but incredibly green host of a home shopping network and what she ends up doing to achieve that dream of telling folks that various housewares just sold out. Created by Vanessa and Jeremy Beiler, this might go a little darker than Jennifer Lawrence in Joy, but have tender, humorous moments, especially with Molly Shannon playing an iconic home shopping network host that Bayer looks up to. Also, we’re pretty sure Matt Rogers is going to be a scene stealer in this series.

This is Showtime’s latest comedy series in the ever burgeoning streaming wars and, so far, this might have the makings of something that will make you not regret paying for another streaming service or get on board for another one.

Take a first gander at all of this for yourself at I Love That For You with the first official trailer here.