Humble Bundle Offering Louis CK, Maria Bamford, Patrice O’Neal, Tig Notaro Specials/Albums For Pay-What-You-Want


For Louis C.K.’s Live at the Beacon Theater, Patrice O’Neal’s Unreleased, Patrice O’Neal’s Mr. P, Maria Bamford’s The Special Special Special, Tig Notaro’s Live, Hannibal Buress’ My Name Is Hannibal, and more, you can pay what you want and decide how much of that goes to the artist, charity, and the organizers of this fantastic phenomenon, Humble Bundle

That’s the name of their game at Humble Bundle and they have made millions for, as said above, charity, the artists, and themselves doing this for video games and are now stepping into comedy and with awesome curator Steve Feinartz (director of The Bitter Buddha), it’s one hell of a package that you could even snag for $10.

Check out their announcement video to get the whole picture and then make sure you get in on this because the offer will only be good for two weeks.