Human Resources, Big Mouth’s Otherworldly Spin-Off, Gives First Look

Arguably, the last season of the raunchy, yet vulnerable coming-of-age animated comedy Big Mouth, was a big set-up for the spin-off Human Resources that focuses in on the world where all the monsters and creatures that are in charge of human emotions/feelings/thoughts/fears/anxieties/insecurities come from. Hormone Monsters, Shame Wizards, Love Bugs, etc. and their bureaucratic and nuanced adventures will drive a whole new facet of what will inevitably the Big Mouth Cinematic Universe.

You can get your first sneak peek as to what that will entail with Human Resources“recruitment teaser” and wonder what the Moai head manger-esque character will be called (Logic Liason?)

Look for the series premiere of Big Mouth‘s Human Resources on Fri. Mar. 18th on Netflix.