Howard Kremer Is Selling His and Other Comedians’ Headshots QVC Style

When it comes to out of the box business ideas that are done for the fun of it, Howard Kremer is who you should be looking out for.

Kremer’s latest venture is really selling old headshots of his and guests (Brody Stevens pictured above) as if they’re products on a Home Shopping Network or QVC show. This does include embarrassing headshots with all different eras of looks and hairstyles and Howard and guests trying to explain what the deal was with them in those pictures at that time in their lives.

It’s called The Headshot Show and you might have noticed it happening live when catching a show or buying comics at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. You can tune in every Wednesday (tonight included) at 8PM PST on or simply watch from the store if you go to Meltdown Comics on a Wednesday night.

Oh, we should mention that all proceeds from the selling of these headshots go to the ACLU until further notice.