If You Haven’t Already, Get Into “How To With John Wilson” To Help Get Through Right Now

Though we all were thoroughly warned about the election results taking much longer than normal, the actual experience of waiting is interminable, especially with everything that’s at stake. Coupled with the continuing having to quarantine/sheltering-at-home, the collective anxiety/tension is at an all time high.

To get through this particularly nightmarish time until the election results are finally tallied up (and after as well), How To With John Wilson might be the perfect thing to bring some peace and calm as well as one of the funniest new series that you can watch/stream.

The titular John Wilson explores very niche, very offbeat topics and “how to” do them. Wilson rarely appears on camera and instead focuses on narration and capturing multitudes of intimate moments that accentuate the quiet and charming absurdities of everyday life (well before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of course). Thus far, Wilson has dissected how to make small talk and put up scaffolding, but goes further in exploring the human condition often oscillating between real life ironic moments and genuine connection with any one of the numerous strangers that he chats up.

The result of Wilson’s DIY docu-series is something so warm and inviting in all of its glimpses of humanity (well, mostly humanity in NYC) that captures the strangeness and humor of the most overlooked everyday minutia. It should come as no surprise that Nathan Fielder serves as an Executive Producer since How To with John Wilson has tinges of Nathan For You accentuating the feel of Joe Pera Talks With You. As far as new TV comedy series go, it’s the comfiest of comfort food (though we have absolutely have to note that the show does has substance and a unique soul) and, as of this post, the two current episodes available to stream at HBO Max will get you through an hour of this week/near future. There will be four more episodes coming to get you through the rest of 2020, FYI.