Hulu Renews “Hotwives of Orlando” For Second Season, “Hotwives of Las Vegas”

(via Deadline)

The top notch parody of reality TV continues in the Burning Love/Hotwives vein as Hulu has just ordered up another season of Hotwives of Orlando.

In a similar fashion to the way The Real Wives franchise, their source material, has spread itself out, Las Vegas will be the new site of this second season of Hotwives. The cast from season 1 will also not be returning, but we’re sure they’ll get a cast that’s just as stellar as Casey Wilson, Kristen Schaal, Tymberlee Hill, Angela Kinsey, Andrea Savage, Danielle Schneider, Matt Besser, Seth Morris, and more.

UPDATE: Original Hotwives set to return.

We now wonder if the Hotwives universe and Burning Love universe will ever cross.