Pick of the Day: Ron Lynch Presents Hook Up! The “Tomorrow!” Dating Show (in LA) 2/12

OK, if you have to go to something romance or dating themed this weekend because of Valentine’s Day in LA, we’d make sure to tell you about how much of corporate money-grab that Valentine’s Day is rooted in THEN tell you to enjoy one of our all-time favorite shows, no matter what time of year it is, Hook Up!, the dating game edition of Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch.

As far as dating games go, it’s not as wild in the sense of Temptation Island or Too Hot to Handle, but it’s still a crazy, absurd mutation of the classic Dating Game and we have loved it for that very reason for several years. Given our hatred of Valentine’s, it’s one of the only things that we’re looking forward to this weekend (also, we couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl).

Ron Lynch will be presiding as host of the romantic hijinks and chaos and be also joined by the stand-up comedy stylings of Steph Tolev, Brady Novak, Mark Fite, Amber Preston, and Randy Liedtke.

This edition of Hook Up! will go down at Tomorrow!’s new home, The Elysian, this Sat. Feb. 12th at Midnight. Tickets are still only $10 and you best go get them here.