Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival Announces 1st Wave of Their Line-Up


Oh boy, that’s a doozy of a line-up. Denver’s own High Plains Comedy Festival has carved quite a niche for themselves in terms of comedy festivals that any and all should be attending in the U.S. Included in that collage (which has plenty of our favorites from around the country) are:

–   James Adomian
–   Emily Heller
–   Jackie Kashian
–   Baron Vaughn
–   Adam Cayton-Holland
–   Jonah Ray
–   Solomon Georgio
–   Jake Weisman
–   Eliza Skinner
–   Ian Karmel
–   Shane Torres
–   Andrew Orvedahl
–   Byron Bowers
–   Chris Fairbanks
–   Amy Miller
–   David Gborie
–   Emma Arnold
–   Jak Knight
–   Nato Green
–   Clare O’Kane
–   Sean Jordan
–    Shalewa Sharpe
–    James Fritz
–   Irene Tu
–   Eric Dadourian
–   Dan Gill
–   Dante Powell
–   Steph Tolev
–   Troy Walker
–   Samantha Ruddy
–   Chris Charpentier
–   Caitlin Weierhauser
–   Jordan Doll
–   Mara Wiles
–   Candice Thompson
–   Andrew Michael
–   Vanessa Gonzalez
–   Johan Miranda
–   Matt Monroe
–   Kristin Rand
–   Stephen Agyei
–   Genevieve Rice
–   Wes Van Horn
–   Brittany Carney
–   Kevin O’Brien
–   Brent Gill

You can catch all these lovely folks at High Plains from Thurs. Aug. 23rd-Sat. Aug. 25th.

Get full details on the line-up here and keep a close eye on tickets here.