Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival Makes First Line-Up Announcement for 2021

A good deal of comedy festivals are very likely not going to happen until next year. However, there are a small contingency of them that postponed several times during lockdown, but have finally secured dates for in-person live performances.

High Plains, Denver’s standing, very popular comedy festival was one such festival and, thankfully, they made it to this side of the pandemic and are heading forward with their Sept. 16th-18th schedule. People miss the festival so much, they actually sold out of advance festival passes.

Don’t worry though–you’ll have a chance to buy tickets for individual shows, which you’ll absolutely want to do because they already have a killer line-up of comedians from around the U.S. coming up to Mile High City.

So far, High Plains has:

  • Matt Braunger
  • Megan Gailey
  • Solomon Georgio
  • Vanessa Gonzalez
  • Dave Hill
  • Liza Treyger
  • Chris Garcia
  • Eliza Skinner
  • Sean Patton
  • Chanel Ali
  • David Gborie
  • Ian Karmel
  • Sean Jordan
  • Amy Miller
  • Shane Torres
  • Irene Tu
  • Daniel Van Kirk
  • Arlo Weierhauser
  • Gareth Reynolds
  • Rosebud Baker
  • Adam Cayton-Holland
  • Nore Davis
  • Ben Roy
  • Subhah Agarwal
  • Andrew Orvedahl
  • Dave Ross
  • Caitlin Cook
  • Derek Sheen
  • David Perdue
  • Sam Tallent
  • Andy Haynes
  • Andrew Orolfo
  • Katrina Davis
  • Sam Evans
  • Mat Alano-Martin
  • Akeem Woods
  • Andrew Youngblood
  • Janae Burris
  • Chris Charpentier
  • Jordan Doll
  • Stephen Agyei
  • Mara Wiles
  • Brent Gill
  • Kevin O’Brien
  • Rachel Weeks
  • Jim Hickox
  • Allison Rose

There are a lot of our absolute favorites in there, just in case you didn’t know and needed some more convincing.

So, sign-up for notices on when individual tickets go on sale at