Pick of the Day: High & Mighty 1st Annual 4/20 Mega Sesh

While the pandemic does have us all stuck at home, that does not actually stop any and all of us from getting blazed. Well, maybe it’s a little harder if it’s not entirely legal or decriminalized where you live and for that, we’re truly sorry and we hope that changes very, very soon.

That said, the hysterical Jon Gabrus is going to celebrate this very special 4/20 in 2021 via The High & Mighty podcast with the very first High & Mighty 4/20 Mega Sesh that ought to be a grand ol’ time of cannabis-fueled hijinks and riff seshes with many of the best and your favorite funny folks.

That will include:

Abdullah Saeed & David Bienenstock (Great Moments in Weed History)
John Flynn & Mark Rennie (Two Old Queens)
Mike Glazer & Mary Jane (Weed + Grub)
Ry Prichard (@CannibasEncyclopedia)
Gilli Nissim (We’re Gross w Gilli)
Shaun Diston (The Church of Shaun Diston)
Matt Besser (improv4Humans)
Miles Gray (The Daily Zeitgeist)

Sounds more than chill, right? Of course it does. High & Mighty 1st Annual 4/20 Mega Sesh goes live on Tues. Apr. 20th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Tickets are only $10 and you need to go snatch them up here.