High Concept Comedies Are in Style Ahead of This Pilot Season

There are indeed plenty of semi-autobiographical comedies in development, especially with the success of freshman series Cristela at ABC.

However, at the other end of the TV comedy development spectrum, at this time, is a bunch of high concept comedies that steer clear of the fish-out-of-water in a small (or big pond) dynamic. Conspiracy theories, witches, and, highest concept of all, Vine stars, and more are all subjects for comedy projects that are being worked for TV across several networks.

Specifically, TBS has ordered a sort of Lost parody from Justin and Jordan Shipley, DirecTV has ordered a parody reminiscent of Downton Abbey that will star Peter Serafinowicz and Will Sasso from College Humor’s Big Breakfast, Elizabeth Banks is set to produce and direct a workplace conspiracy theory comedy from Caroline Williams at ABC, 30 Rock’s Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan are writing a witch comedy at NBC, Nick Frost is set to star in a comedy as an ex-jewel thief that’s having trouble getting out of the jewel thief business also at ABC, and Rainn Wilson is developing a series following stars (minus Curtis Lepore due to Internet outrage at his rape charge that he plead down to an assault charge) on the six second movie platform Vine trying to make it in the traditional half hour format. 

There’s no telling where these will end up, if anywhere at all, but it’s a good sign to see more comedy series in the works that aren’t how two people met and fell in love or how an abnormally configured family figures out how to be a family.