hey comedy bureau, i have a quick question. is there an NYC equivalent of LA’s comedy bureau?

Currently, from what we know and what our good friends of ours in NYC tell us, the answer to that question is: not really.

Often, when this inquiry comes up in conversation, the Comic’s Comic and the Apiary are two blogs that get mentioned a lot. Also, the Laugh Button has started listing NYC shows on a semi-regular basis, but there hasn’t been, at least to our knowledge and please notify us if we’re mistaken, a NYC equivalent of the Comedy Bureau.

With that in mind, we’d love to have a NYC branch, but we have yet to find people/a person dedicated, trustworthy in taste, and patient enough to sift through all the shows, news, videos, etc. we sift through on a daily basis for NYC. At some point, hopefully this year, we’re planning to visit NYC and maybe gain some ground on this front.

So, there are plans… (cue Montgomery Burns’ “finger pyramid of evil”).