Hari Kondabolu’s Latest Hour “Warn Your Relatives” Now on Netflix


You’ve heard Hari Kondabolu’s name plenty on the news because of the debate his documentary The Problem with Apu has raised with legendary animated series The Simpsons.

Now is a pretty great time for Hari to show you comedic satire from his perspective and thankfully his Netflix hour special, Warn Your Relatives just started streaming today. 

All of the jokes and stories in it are so tight and so carefully crafted that we’d bet that only the most partisan of people on any side would have a bone to pick with it. Hari always manages to amaze by finding the perfect punchline to intersect history, everyday minutia, race, and his own personal experience and Warn Your Relatives is no exception.

Warn Your Relatives is now streaming on Netflix and you should go give it watch when you get a chance.