Hari Kondabolu’s “Mainstream America Comic” Should Definitely Be Your Next Comedy Album

When it comes to issues of politics and social justice, Hari Kondabolu has really set himself apart greatly from the run-of-the-mill political humor and social satire. His latest album Mainstream American Comic exemplifies his brilliant writing that skews very liberal, but also keeps an open mind, hence one clever layer of the title. 

For this new hour, Hari dives head first into hot button issues like race, gender, and the election as well as even higher brow topics like modern art and the surgeon general, but always manages to keep his jokes sharp at every level and facet, which Hari makes sure there are plenty of. 

Here’s a preview to show you what we’re talking about

<a href=“http://harikondabolu.bandcamp.com/album/mainstream-american-comic”>Mainstream American Comic by Hari Kondabolu</a>

Mainstream American Comic comes out tomorrow, Friday, July 22nd, off of Kill Rock Stars, but you can pre-order (or order depending when you’re reading this) it right now with a collector’s mug.