Pick of the Day: Hampton Yount (in LA) 9/11

Hampton Yount is in that class of comedians that you should catch any time that they’re going up as Yount’s blend of satire and silliness is a pure joy to watch. So, a special evening presented and curated by them at the wondrous Dynasty Typewriter this Saturday would be, of course, a do-not-miss sort of happening.

On top of that, this Saturday is 9/11 AKA Patriot Day AKA the 20th Anniversary of Sept. 11th, 2001 and, for our money, one of the better purveyors of 9/11 jokes, for several years now, has been Hampton Yount. If you’re already going to a comedy show on 9/11, you best make it this one then. Also, the wondrous comedy stylings of Joe Kwaczala, Robin Tran, Jonah Ray, Alana Johnston, and Norm Sousa will be featured as well.

Hampton’s night at Dynasty Typewriter on 9/11 is set for 10PM PT and tickets are $20 right now and $25 on the day of. Proof of vaccination will be required. Go get your tickets right now right here.