Hampton Yount Keeps It Fantastically Silly and Dark on Third Album “Able.”


Hampton Yount has always been able (pun intended?) to keep the balance of comedically pushing towards the dark side in all of his material and keeping an unmistakable silliness about it all. Hopefully, you’ve gotten a taste of that in watching his stand-up over the years, hearing his riffing on the new MST3K, or listening to him on Suicide Buddies.

This third album Able. (in the trio of Unbearable and Bearable) is the tightest and most focused offering from Hampton thus far. It’s a very, very fun ride through the whole hour no matter how dark the territory in his material (political, personal, or otherwise) gets. The album cover really hits home this album’s satirical mischief.

So, this Tuesday, Able. comes out on Audible (release on other platforms to come soon) and you can (and very much should) pre-order/get it here.