The Pack Theater is home to many crazy, wonderful comedy happenings, one of which is an ever-changing monthly late night talk show, Your Late Night Show Tonight, featuring a different host every month. Per the host’s whims, they kind of do whatever they want whether that be hosting a hippie version of a late night talk show or fictionalizing a world where they’re hosting from a bunker after the apocalypse. 

This month, they have the amazing Hal Rudnick, who we hope you would know from The Midnight Show and Screen Junkies, as host and given Rudnick’s track record of going above and beyond with his wild bits and characters, we can’t wait to see what he and his staff (including writers Cheyenne Perez, Vanessa Gritton, Connie Shin, Dempson Juvenal, and Tim McGovern and producers Gil Baron, Ben Kuerschner, and Erik Wargo) come up with. 

Oh yeah, off-the-beaten-path sports expert Sal Masekela and the brilliant DeMorge Brown (probably as his one of his amazing character creations) will be featured as guests.

As always at The Pack Theater, the show is Pay what you can, but you can reserve tickets and get more info here