Hacks Season 2 Trailer Looks to Up the Ante

The first season of Hacks from Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky brought us all, for our money, the best depiction of stand-up in any sort of scripted TV or movie. It also really sunk its teeth into how the goal posts keep moving for women in entertainment, specifically in comedy and how class and privilege underhandedly weave themselves into the tapestry. Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder capture all of these dynamics in their dazzling pairing and made us want season 2 as soon as we finishing speeding through season 1.

Thank goodness that the second season of the instant critical and fan darling is coming very, very soon on Thurs. May 12th on HBO Max and we’ll get to see what famed comedian Deborah Vance (a fictionalized version of many comedians, but very much drawing from comedy legend Joan Rivers) working on a whole new hour on the road while also making a creative pivot to more personal material. As we said in the headline, the trailer for season 2 seems to up the ante from season 1 and it might be even wilder (especially if Megan Stalter gets more screen time).

See for yourself with the season 2 trailer for Hacks here.