Pick of the Day: Guilty Treasure (in LA) 8/27

Thankfully, another show that we are so dearly glad that survived to this side of the pandemic. We tried very hard to never miss Guilty Treasure pre-lockdown as hosts Bryan Cook and Andy Wood assembled many of LA’s funniest individuals to revel in their favorite guilty pleasure songs (and, of course, filling us all in on the background of said song).

Hearing those covers of said songs after hearing what sort of journey a comedian has been on with it usually, for our money, makes it way better.

So, we’re very, very glad to tell you that Guilty Treasure is set for their first in-person show since long, long ago on Aug. 27th at 8PM PT at the Eastside’s Permanent Records Roadhouse (the improbable, but very real hip bar/record store/music & comedy venue). Their line-up, by the way, is worthy of you just going no matter what they’re doing. Slate for the evening is David Wain, Laraine Newman, Albert Hickman, Dylan Gelula, and Langston Kerman. Bryan, Andy, Charlie Paxon, and Rick Wood will make up the band that will be dishing out the guilty treasure hits.

Tickets are $10.