Greener Grass Is the Movie 2019 Needs Right Now


Greener Grass, the debut feature film of comedy duo Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe is a very, very, very refreshing break from almost every norm imaginable. Arguably, amidst a never-ending conveyor belt of film adaptations and sequels, this hysterical, pastel-saturated fever dream is the film, we feel, that we need right now. 

Every inch and every second of Greener Grass, from the color palate, to the shot selection, the pacing, rhythm, perfect crack-in-the-veer performances from the entire cast, and the plethora of golf carts seems so carefully orchestrated, yet done with a rebellious abandon that we happen to really dig. 

We could go on and on with the echoes of David Lynch, Todd Solondz, and so many more influences, but Greener Grass achieves it own offbeat identity that is so charmingly weird, even in its most absurd and tragic moments.

So, go see Greener Grass wherever you can (and push for it to play in wider release if you can).