Please Enjoy the Beautiful Weirdness in the “Greener Grass” Trailer

The equations in which you could try to make a comparison for Greener Grass are endless thanks to it bright and joyful color palate, unflinchingly bizarre world, and the characters that take said bizarre world as is. It’s so wild and out there that you’re trying to make any sense of what demented wonder lies in store when Greener Grass hits theaters (that’ll be on Oct. 18th FYI).

For us, it’s somewhere between a John Waters movie and an episode of Arrested Development, done up in the world of At Home with Amy Sedaris (with healthy sprinkling of magical realism thrown in). 

This feature debut from Dawn Luebbe and Jocelyn DeBoer really does like a doozy and we can’t wait to visit their world of Greener Grass.

See for yourself in the trailer here, then look for Greener Grass in theater on Oct. 18th.