“The Grace Helbig Show” Will Forego Traditional Talk Show Couch and More

The talk show tradition has been firmly established on American television and part of that tradition is having a couch or couches where a host and a guest can chat intimately in front of a live audience.

The Grace Helbig Show, that’s coming soon to E!, is going to forget about that and go, based on this promo, for something that’s more akin to a mix of Last Call with Carson Daly, The Pete Holmes Show, and Insomniac with Dave Attell. Sound intriguing? Of course it does.

Grace Helbig has amassed quite the following online, mostly by doing everything with an unstoppable DIY spirit and unflappable charm and she’s going to translate that to an actual talk show on TV. So, she’ll do interviews as remotes in different locations like they do on Last Call, be driving around to various places and hanging out like Insomniac, and have a sort of joyful exuberance that Pete Holmes had when he was hosting.

It will be nice to see a complete retuning of the talk show model without it being at all a parody of it.

We’ll get to see if all of these elements play out in the series premiere next month on Fri. Apr. 3rd at 10:30PM E!