Petition Grows For The Stars of “Grace and Frankie” To Be Paid Like They’re Stars

(via The Wrap)

Apparently, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who play the titular stars of “Grace and Frankie” are paid as much as male supporting cast members Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen.

While the pay is equal here, the simple matter of fact is that Fonda and Tomlin are the top-billed stars of the show, which should warrant the most pay. However, it’s not the case and there doesn’t seem to be any apparent good reason for it. 

Do Waterston and Sheen have a pricy rate for online streaming series these days? Even if they are, Fonda and Tomlin are just as established and that should bring back the difference in pay back to who is higher on the cast member totem pole. 

It’s very similar to a sports team paying their star players as much as the rest of the team, even though they’re the stat sheet leaders night after night. 

As of this post, the petition has over 9.500 signatures on  and you can sign it here.