HBO Orders a Pilot of “The Gorburger Show”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Your favorite blue demon talk show host is back and possibly better than ever as they might be on HBO.

One of the gems on TJ Miller’s resume that probably doesn’t get enough shine is The Gorburger Show where he played a blue demon that looks like it fresh out of Big Trouble in Little China and switched off between terrifying employees of the studio he invaded and chatting with a musicians. Somehow, it’s less absurdist than The Eric Andre Show.

Now, HBO has ordered a pilot where Miller gets to return as Gorburger and will talk to the likes of Ed Helms and Johnny Knoxville and get to do even more crazy segments that blur the line between Miller’s genuine curiosity and the bloodlust of Gorburger. 

Keep your fingers crossed that HBO gets more into the TJ Miller business.