Goodrich Gevaart’s Debut Album “Portrait of a Young Weirdo” Doubles as a Zine


The debut album from Chicago-to-LA transplant Goodrich Gevaart has just released today and, in the spirit of disrupting traditional distribution models, Goodrich has opted for a digital copy of the album Portrait of a Young Weirdo to be accompanied by an actual limited edition 48 page zine. In the zine, you’ll get “timestamped commentary about the jokes in addition to lots of pictures and stories, and an interview with Rhea Butcher, whom Gevaart started comedy with six years ago.”

Also, it’s photo-copied if you’re somehow questioning its legitimacy as a zine.

It’s a great pairing to the album as both weave through Goodrich’s stories and observations of the quietly weird place that is the Midwest, specifically Indiana, with spryly delivered colorful detail.  

By the way, this is one of our favorite pages of the zine.


You can get the zine/album Portrait of a Young Weirdo from AST Records here or just the digital album here.