The Voice Cast of Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” Has Been Completely Replaced

(via Collider)

As Pixar is completely reworking the story, they had to get a new cast too. 

Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader, Judy Greer, and more will no longer be the cast of the long-awaited non-sequel Pixar feature known as The Good Dinosaur. A new story that had to come from getting a new director (they ousted the original director Bob Peterson) required new dialogue to be recorded. That, in turn, needed a pretty much entirely new cast.

So, the cast of The Good Dinosaur will now include: Raymond Ochoa, Jeffrey Wright, Sam Elliott, Steve Zahn, Frances McDormand (only original cast member), and Anna Paquin.

Hopefully, our love dinosaurs based off Jurassic World’s record breaking weekend will stay the course with The Good Dinosaur when it comes out this Thanksgiving.