Please Enjoy This Joyfully Bonkers Short Film “Gone Fishing”

The outdoors and the accompanying activities of going outdoors seem to be quite in style right now, especially since that’s pretty much one of the only things we all can do somewhat safely during this pandemic. However, people are quite in the stir-crazy, traumatized daze of these times because of COVID-19 and everything else that’s going on the world.

So, going fishing these days might not be just “going fishing” as it is in this great wild, silly, and darkly comedic short film “Gone Fishing”. OK, we don’t want to give too much away, just trust us that Gone Fishing really captures the spirit of how cooped up some of us feel and that Nick Gligor plays what might be your new favorite psychopath.

Watch Gone Fishing here.


Directed by Phillip Clark Davis
Written by Davis, Nick Gligor, and Jake Disch.
Starring: Nick Gligor, Chance LaSalle, Jasper Sams, and Mark Kadlec