Pick of the Day: The Goddamn Dave Hill Show (Weekly Starting 5/25)

The latest addition to the live stream comedy fray will be a live-stream version of The Goddamn Dave Hill Show. Dave Hill’s radio show put Hill in the driver’s seat as a full fledged live on-air program, complete with live calls, guests, etc. It’s the sort of format that lets Hill’s talents shine (his endless charisma, wildly silly wit, and his musical prowess). If you loved Hill’s recently released The Pride of Cleveland, you’re for quite a weekly treat with this announcement.

Starting on Memorial Day, The Goddamn Dave Hill Show will make a return, albeit a virtual one via Facebook and Twitch, and going live every Monday at 6PM PT/9PM ET. His first guest will be Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf and it looks like Dave will keep this going as we’re all still prohibited, with very good reason, from gathering in such dark, intimate places where one would normally watch Dave do his “goddamn thing” in person.