Watch Trailer for Comedy About French New Wave Pioneer Jean Luc Godard “Godard Mon Amour”

Director Michel Hazanavicius wowed Hollywood with a movie about silent film with The Artist. In that vein, he is continuing down his path of movies about movies with telling a specific story (it’s from the perspective of a woman that was married to Godard) in the life of iconic director Jean-Luc Godard, a trailblazing pillar to French New Wave Cinema.

Called Godard Mon Amour, it seems to float playfully between capturing this portion of Godard’s life in 1968 and also delving into his groundbreaking auteur style, which mischievously broke almost all previous filmic conventions.

Get a taste of it with the trailer here.

Look for Godard Mon Amour in a limited theatrical run on April, 20th.